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We regret to inform our customers that we have discontinued the production of our paddle boards. As a result, this product is no longer available for purchase.

We appreciate your understanding and loyalty.


This paddle board is a tribute to the Grand Pabos located in the beautiful region of Chandler in Gaspésie where it hit the water for its first time. The name Pabos comes from the Micmac language and means “quiet waters”.

Pabos is an "allround" type board with a slightly narrower profile towards the front to improve its maneuverability.

It is perfect for all levels, whether you are on your first outing in the water or a seasoned paddler, you will appreciate every moment spent with the Pabos.

Its design is concerned about our environment by using very little glue (without chemical solvent) and a welded


assembly by ultra frequencies. When you purchase a SUP at Beachspank, a donation is automatically made to a non lucrative organisation specialized in Ocean clean-up! 

We offer you peace of mind by opting for a paddle board with a superior 5-year warranty and a courtesy SUP policy while waiting for your replacement product. The Pabos is made of military grade high density double layer PVC and superior technology. All our SUPs are tested at pressures higher than normal use before delivery (30psi)


Features & specifications:

Bag, Backpack Included
Valve Professionnal valve, drop stich
Paddle 3 piece adjustable aluminum
Leash Included
Fins 1 Center Fin, 2 Side Fins
Hand pump Dual action hand pump with gauge
Anti-slip pad 5mm Super soft EVA, UV resistant
Repair kit Included
Max inflate 25psi (15psi recommended)
Shape All-round
Behaviour Good maneuverability
Good stability

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